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Xian Beilong Gear Prts Sales Company
----Shanxi Fast(Fuller)Gear Special Sales.Gear-box, the gear-box refitting, gear-box repairing service, Fast gear-box franchising, Fuller gear-box, gear-box parts of Xugong and Puyuan crane, wholesale, repair and training
Our company mainly engaged in Fast Fuller transmission parts and slack adjuster.
 We strive to do professionally and accurately, service for you timely.
The Fast Fuller transmission parts included RT11509C, 8JS118,8JS130,9JS135,9JS150T,9JS180,12JS160T series parts , QH50,QH70 PTO, 5j80 series matching with Xugong and Puyuan crane, 6J90TA series transmissions. We also sale S6-90,5S111GP, QJ805 full set parts transmission used in ZF commercial bus. And we can refit the transmission according to the customer.
The heavy truck includes Shandong sinotruk, Shanxi vehicle, Man, Faw, Dongfeng, Beiben, JAC, Hongyan, Hualing, Hino and so on.

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Fast Gearbox Parts Shaanxi Automobile auto parts heavy truck accessories ----- Shillong   Auto Parts based in Shillong, Xi'an, Shaanxi, relying on local resources and local technology, mainly located in the Fast Gearbox Parts parts, Shaanxi Auto heavy truck auto parts business. Strive to be professional to do fine, in good faith. The company will be the store and Shop the combination of the country, more rapid and effective customer service. from the pre training services to the parts sales support. parts of quality assurance, fair and transparent prices, welcomed the new and old customers!

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